Democrat Terrorists Making Their Move Against Government Employees—Crackdown? Or Resignations?
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There were a few new steps to the upcoming terrorist campaign by the Democrat Party and its minions.  After Democrat terrorists rioted on Election Day and Inauguration Day, then remained unpunished, after Democrats shut down speakers in California, it became apparent to VDare editor Peter Brimelow that it will come to blood.  [“It Will Come To Blood”—Reflections On The Left’s Anti-Trump Inauguration Tantrum, by Peter Brimelow, VDare, January 22, 2017]  Truer words were never spoken.  And from Punch A Nazi, attacking individuals in the street with whom Democrats disagree, they expanded to more attacks and rioting at Charlottesville.  But it was not just street thugs, the Democrats were planning on a more targeted terrorist campaign.  They began a pattern of dry runs to intimidate Federal law enforcement and Trump Administration officials.  [Terrorist Dry Runs And Other Plans For Violence Against Immigration Enforcement, by Federale, VDare, June 18, 2017] and [Fed Failure: What That Attack On Betsy DeVos Says About Civil War II, by Federale, VDare, February 20, 2017]  These are not just street thugs, they are the base of the Democrat Party, in the case of the attack on DeVos, it was teacher unions, and in the attacks on immigration law enforcement, it is the Hispanic wing of the Democrat Party.  And these terrorists have stepped up their attacks.

First, a dry run on Kirstjen Nielsen while she was dining out in Washington, DC, by Bernie Bros from the Socialist wing of the Democrat Party, Democratic Socialists of America, a terrorist organization closely connected to many top Democrat Party officials, current and historic, including Nancy Pelosi.

Activists with the D.C. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America crashed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s dinner Tuesday evening and appeared to chase her from the building.

According to a Facebook Live video posted to DSA’s Facebook page, protesters surrounded Nielsen’s corner table at MXDC Cocina Mexicana, located just a few blocks from the White House.

[Protesters Harass, Chase DHS Secretary From Dinner At Mexican Restaurant: WATCH, by Christian Datoc, Washington Examiner, June 19, 2018]

Sadly, the Secret Service detail assigned to protect Nielsen completely failed in its duty to not only protect the life of Nielsen, but also her dignity; the agents made no move to either evacuate Nielsen or move against the terrorists, who for all they knew could have been acting as cover for a real attack.  Inside the restaurant, they made no effort to move back or arrest the thugs, and acted nonchalant when Nielsen left the restaurant.  And the DC Metropolitan Police made no arrests nor did they identify the attackers, two actions immediately necessary in dignitary protection.  Clearly Metro PD has orders from the Democrat mayor and police chief to go easy on these thugs, and this will make the next, more deadly, attack that much easier.

Next, the armed terrorist wing of the Democrat Party, Antifa, has decided to move against ICE agents and officers.

Antifa, a violent, so-called anti-fascist group, tweeted out a list of over 1,500 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents’ identities.

The Twitter account “nebraska antifa” sent out a tweet to its followers on Tuesday that linked to the personal information of ICE officers compiled from information found on LinkedIn.

“Some enterprising hero archived the ICE employees listed on linkedin,” the tweet reads.

A Twitter user who goes by Sam Lavigne compiled the list of ICE agents’ identities, titles and locations. In a tweet on Tuesday morning he says he “scraped LinkedIn for people that work for ICE.”

[Antifa Spreads List Of Ice Agents Compiled Using Linkedin And Blasts It Over Twitter,  by Kyle Perisic, The Daily Caller, June 20, 2018]

The terrorist supporters at Twitter have not deleted the accounts used by Antifa in this call for attacks and the doxxing, which are allegedly violations of Twitter rules.

The Medium link in Lavigne’s was no longer available as of Tuesday night.

While the original post of ICE personal information has been removed, the Antifa Twitter account linked to an archived post, where viewers can access the Lavigne’s original database.

Lavigne created the database in response to ICE’s “inhumane” efforts in on the border, according to his archived Medium post.

“I’ve downloaded and made available the profiles of (almost) everyone on LinkedIn who works for ICE, 1,595 people in total. While I don’t have a precise idea of what should be done with this data set, I leave it here with the hope that researchers, journalists, and activists will find it useful,” Lavigne wrote on Medium.

Big Tech appears on board with this terrorist campaign.  And Hollywood is in on it as well.  Has been actor Peter Fonda tweeted his plan to kidnap Barron Trump and rape him.

Actor Peter Fonda has a social media army and the Secret Service on his back after a twisted Twitter call to “rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles.”

The brother of Jane Fonda also called for violence against Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and called White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders a “c—.”

[Peter Fonda Tweets He Wants To ‘Rip Barron Trump From His Mother’ And Put Him In A ‘Cage With Pedophiles’ by Sasha Savitsky, Fox News, June 20, 2018]

Fonda’s Twitter account has not been suspended nor has Sony Pictures stopped distribution of his latest movie.  Clearly this is an orchestrated campaign to bring this country to civil war.

And Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has done nothing.  The Department of Justice can quickly shut down Antifa, arrest government officials who allow violations of civil rights, and arrest those who attack Cabinet Officers.  But Sleepy Jeff has not used RICO lawsuits, anti-terrorism statutes, or conspiracy laws to hunt down and prosecute the ongoing terrorist conspiracy.  Why?  Time for Sessions to go, and Lady DACA as well.  While I don’t agree that caging illegal aliens is a reason for her to resign, her failure to stem the tide of illegals is a reason for her to go.  President Trump needs a real Attorney General and a real DHS Secretary.  Time to move against the terrorist group known as the Democrats.


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