Democracy “Dies In Darkness” As MSM Suppresses Trump Ads Telling Truth About Biden And Ukraine
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With Swamp creatures in a high lather over “Ukrainegate,” the MSM has continued to display its strong commitment to free speech and fair play. NBC, for instance, has announced it will not run a Trump ad detailing Joe Biden’s abuse of power and corruption regarding Ukraine and his son Hunter’s business connections there.

As anyone who has been paying attention knows by now, Old Joe threatened to hold up a $1 billion aid package if a certain Ukrainian prosecutor investigating a certain Ukrainian energy company that a certain relative of our then-vice president was working for wasn’t fired. And guess what. The prosecutor was, in fact, eventually fired. How about that!

NBC has said it might air the ad if some changes were made, though we don’t know just what those changes might be. Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh defended the ad, saying that “The discussions with NBC had nothing to do with the facts as presented” in it.

According to The Hill , CNN won’t run the ad, either, since it supposedly doesn’t meet the network’s “advertising standards” and certain assertions made in it were “demonstrably false.” That’s rich coming from “fake news” CNN.

Creepy Joe’s campaign has been busy trying to censor material it doesn’t like. His campaign has, for instance, demanded that news networks not interview Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and has tried to pressure Fox to not run anti-Biden ads . Even the decrepit “Gray Lady” had been attacked by Biden’s campaign for publishing an article by investigative reporter Peter Schweizer, who wrote that Congress “could and should conduct an inquiry” into Biden’s Ukraine activities [What Hunter Biden Did Was Legal—And That’s the Problem, by Peter Schweizer, NYT, October 9, 2019].

This goes way past "gatekeeping" and into the realm of totalitarian propaganda.


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