Debate Weasels Observed
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As I moused around the internet today, looking for a local appearance of Vicente Fox to harass as he travels America to flack his book, I noticed the San Francisco Commonwealth Club has a four-person forum on immigration tomorrow, with not a single friend of sovereignty invited to speak.

The title gives a hint of the agenda: Immigrants and What They Bring with Them.

With record numbers of legal and illegal immigrants crossing U.S. borders every day, immigration is an increasingly hot-button issue. Though the current debate often centers on what immigrants take from the United States, many immigrants bring with them skills, talents, a unique story and the potential for a significant contribution. Panelists will highlight benefits of empowering immigrants to become economically self-sufficient and integrated members of society.
Balanced immigration debates are becoming as rare as a mile of border fence these days.

A common match-up now is three open-borders cheerleaders vs. one sovereigntist, such as at the recent Notre Dame forum (watch it). Lou Barletta defended our national honor against Archbishop (and pedophile protector) Roger Mahony, amnesty honcho Sen Mel Martinez and reluctant border state governor Janet Napolitano.

Another uneven debate was common-sensical Tucker Carlson on the Bill Maher show, where the assisting moonbats were trash-talking Joy Behar and New York Times economist Paul Krugman. (You can watch here to see general shrieking against reasonable arguments, but there is no immigration content.)

Yet another one-sided event was the elite-centered technology discussion recently held in Berkeley to be shown on PBS' Charlie Rose Show, One-Worlder Economy Celebrated.

The point is that the leftist anti-nation-state crowd knows they cannot win in a fair fight, so they rig the debate whenever they can.

Back to the Commonwealth Club, you can listen to the merciless thrashing of fact-challenged Mexophiles in 2005 by Peter Brimelow and Ira Mehlman: Audio here.

You may politely castigate the Commonwealth Club for their fear of robust debate at [email protected], and even suggest they fly in Peter Brimelow for a livelier forum than tomorrow's diversity-fest will surely be.

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