One-Worlder Economy Celebrated
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A gaggle of wealthy tech-elites met recently in Berkeley to preach the gospel of what made them rich. Big hint: employing Americans was not their ticket to success.

But do the A-list leaders of Silicon Valley feel they are screwing the citizen middle class? Heck no. They are the vanguard of the future! The forward-looking executives aren't exploiting cheap immigrant labor: they are "bringing in talent" and striving to "encourage innovation."

[Cllinton economic advisor Laura] Tyson projected current globalizing trends into the future and onto the map - which today is marked by national borders that may be less relevant in a 24/7 networked world.

"Over the next 50 years, a much more multilateral or cooperative global government" could arise, she speculated, because cross-border economic agreements will make more sense than "flat governments." [...]

She also said the danger from income inequality would be political in that "if the middle (class) feels itself at risk," that could weaken support for globalism and embolden protectionists. [Charlie Rose talks to Silicon Valley leaders about political protectionism San Francisco Chronicle, October 12, 2007]

Funny how the elites and the media have made "protectionist" and variations thereof to be a negative term. Wouldn't protecting America and its economy be a good thing?

Not when there are billions of dollars to be made from globalization, from outsourcing to open borders. At least in the minds of the robber barons of the 21st century.

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