More Subsidized Colonization
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We recently noted a story by Dimitri Vassilaros in the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review on Alexandria VA mayor William Euille's decision to use taxpayer money to hand out various forms of public assistance. I was quoted describing this as a "flagrant effort to subsidize colonization".

On Friday, Los Angeles City Council took another step to requiring home-improvement stores to set aside space ("including plumbing facilties") for day laborers a.k.a. illegal immigrants. (Day-labor plan moves forward in L.A. council, by Rick Orlov,, October 13 2007).

This is a particularly interesting form of subsidy to colonization: mandated by government, but not actually passing through its books. It's just like the U.S. government mandating hospitals to treat the uninsured a.k.a. illegals - something that the Mexican government, of course, doesn't do to Mexican hospitals.

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's motive is obvious: Reconquista. Alexandria's Euille, however, an American black mayor in a significantly black city, is betraying not just his nation, but his race.

Email Alexandria officials or email Mayor Euille directly here.

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