DEATH BY SUBPOENA: Lawfare Comes For DEI Hero Chris Rufo (As Well As
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As our faithful readers know all too well, is in the process of being financially lynched by enormous subpoena demands from rogue New York Attorney Letitia James. More famously, she also has malign ambitions toward President Trump.

The Left fully realizes that the combination of sprawling subpoenas and communist Commissar-judges means that their enemies can be destroyed by inflicting massive pre-litigation costs.

Actual court victories are not needed.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has in recent years taken up the cause of enforcing Black Privilege / White Subordination. In this matter, it has decided that conservative activist Chris Rufo is Public Enemy #1. He is heavily featured in its sanctimonious and self-congratulatory post: Anti-DEI Efforts Are the Latest Attack on Racial Equity and Free Speech, by Leah Watson,, February 14, 2024.

Chris Rufo has indeed struck the DEI cause heavy blows via his Substack column, especially in the rectification of Claudine Gay being Harvard President:

So the ACLU has resorted to lawfare. It has subpoenaed him in a Florida case (in which he is not a defendant). As he reports

….it was no ordinary subpoena, tightly limited to the case. The 18-page document requested all of my journalism, sources, materials, documents, and communications related not only to the Stop Woke Act but also to “critical race theory,” “BLM,” and “racial justice protests,” more generally—which would include all of my confidential journalistic sources.

Quite apart from the outrageously intrusive nature of these demands, the salient issue is cost. Based on’s experience, legal costs in complying (and redacting names, if Rufo is allowed to do so) will go well into six figures.

As Rufo correctly says:

…the ACLU has now fully revealed itself as the Anti-Civil Rights Union. Its commissars are using the organization’s reputation and stature to run propaganda against journalists who do not share their left-wing politics.
In the Fight with the ACLU,  March 7, 2024

What Rufo needs is a judge with the fairness to cut this subpoena back to a reasonable size—if it can be justified at all.

But has never found such a paragon.

Judges do sometimes intervene: Texas judge blocks AG’s subpoena of nonprofit that assists migrants, by Nick Robertson, The Hill, March 11, 2024.

But Judge Francisco X Dominguez (right) was born in Mexico.

American 21st century Justice: a matter of Who, whom?


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