ACLU: "Stop the Weaponization of 911 Against People Whose Only 'Crime' Is Being a Person of Color"
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C’mon, ACLU, think big! Instead of just funding more Starbucks-style Diversity Sensitivity Training, we need legislation making it illegal for whites to call the cops on blacks.

Let’s dream of a future for our grandchildren like this:

Witness: “Hello, 9-11, send the police! A man is raping and murdering my neighbor, Kitty Genovese!”

9-11: “Is he black?”

Witness: “Uh, let me look … Well, it’s kind of dark, but he could be.”

9-11: “You sound white. Are you white?”

Witness: “Uh, yeah, but …”

9-11: [Click]

9-11: [Dialtone]

We could call it The Above-the-Law Law.

Here would be a good spokesman for the Above-the-Law Law: Bob Loblaw.

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