Day Of Infamy: Illegals In Mile-Long Lines To Benefit From Obama's Administrative Amnesty
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Crowds at Amnesty Registration, Chicago's Navy Pier, August 15 2012

In a day which deserves to live in infamy, huge numbers of illegal immigrants swarmed into public view to seize the fruits of President Obama’s Administrative Amnesty Coup D’état: Illegal Immigrants Line Up by Thousands for Deportation Deferrals by Julia Preston The New York Times August 15, 2012

CHICAGO — Tens of thousands of young illegal immigrants waited excitedly in lines as long as a mile and thronged to information sessions across the country on Wednesday, the first day that a federal immigration agency began accepting applications for deportation deferrals that include permits to work legally.

The public outpouring surprised both federal officials and immigrant advocates, who had expected an enthusiastic response to the Obama administration’s deferral program but were unprepared for the size and intensity of it. ( emphasis.)

The truth is that no one has any idea how big a blank check the Obamacrats have just signed – the only thing certain is that it will be paid for by native-born Americans.

Any pretence that this is at all predicated on quality standards was shredded by the perspicacious Neil Munro at The Daily Caller: Obama immigration amnesty to include middle school dropouts 08/15/2012

Administration officials confirmed on Tuesday that they have expanded the White House immigration policy for younger illegals to include low-skill immigrants who have not completed middle school or high school.

The shift adds roughly 350,000 low-skill immigrants to the Department of Homeland Security policy, which was initially portrayed as including only 800,000 people under the age of 31 when it was announced by President Barack Obama in a Rose Garden statement on June 15.

David Frum is quite right: Yes It's Amnesty The Daily Beast Aug 14 2012

The numbers on the Obama conditional amnesty for young illegal aliens keep rising. Today's New York Times guesses an eligible population of 1.7 million...

There are actually two atrocities here: the Obamacrat election of a new People, and the quite separate one of the failure of the Republicans to protest the end-running of Congress.

Why no Impeachment? Where is Romney? Where is the Congressional GOP?

I am afraid the answer is: obeying their Paymaster and his friends.

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