D.Horowitz: Courts Concocting "Affirmative Right To Immigrate" - Remove Jurisdiction, Congress!
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It seems to have been a while since we linked to the formidable Daniel Horowitz, whose 2014 repression at RedState marked the accelerating decline of that once-meaningful website. Fittingly, the most recent time seems to have been Daniel Horowitz: Time To Strip Federal Courts Of Immigration Powers in 2015.

Now that, as Peter Brimelow discusses in “It Will Come To Blood”…And Impeachment Of Judicial Saboteurs Like J. Robart, there has been another case of Court Piracy as the Left mobilizes its allies to prevent an elected Administration conducting immigration policy. So it is timely to draw VDARE.com readers’ attention to another Horowitz masterpiece: Stolen Sovereignty: Fake judges violate 200 Years of Case law by staying Trump’s sovereignty Conservative Review January 30, 2017. (Of course, this was written before Robart’s climactic ruling):

We no longer have sovereignty as a nation. The courts, which have been crowned king of this country, have now moved into the final frontier of judicial tyranny. They are concocting an affirmative right to immigrate, even during a time of war and from war-torn Islamic countries.

Over the weekend, federal judges throughout the country exemplified everything I’ve warned about in my book, Stolen Sovereignty, and in countless columns over the past year. Violating the entire sovereignty of the nation, vitiating 200 years of case law, and undermining the plain language of statutes, federal judges issued varying stays on part of Trump’s executive order.

Horowitz has a clear view of where this is going:

...a district judge in California went a step further and used extremely dangerous rhetoric that, if left unchecked, will leave us without any control over who comes into this country.

Judge Dolly Gee of the Central District of California ordered Customs and Border Protection officials to escort an Iranian national back from Dubai to the United States after he was already excluded and while he was outside of American soil…Yes, the federal courts, as I warned in Stolen Sovereignty, are now creating an equal protection and religious liberty right for foreign nationals to affirmatively come to this country.

(Dolly Gee is notoriously pursuing her ethnocentric agenda as Federale has noted for us in Obama Regime Colluding With Chinese-American Kritarch Dolly Gee and previously).

I agree with Horowitz’ clear-sighted conclusion

Courts are now granting rights to foreign nationals who never even entered our shores to be picked up and brought here… this is not just about Trump’s executive order. Implicit in these court rulings is a warning that they would invalidate similar acts passed by Congress because they are saying national sovereignty is preempted by the First and Fourteenth Amendments…

The ACLU, together with endless lower court judges who have the perceived ability to issue a stay on all national policy, will ensure that every enforcement measure against illegal immigration is also locked up in court.

There is simply no way around it. Either Congress finally exercises its Article III Sec. 2 powers over the courts to at least limit the jurisdiction of lower courts over immigration, or we lose our national sovereignty…

The judicial coup against American sovereignty is one of the biggest constitutional crises confronting us today.

However I think it may well be the biggest. Furthermore Trump's tweet about Robarts being a “so-called judge” was right on the money.

The whole essay deserves to be read in full, as does the excellent file Horowitz posted the following day: These 16 quotes prove America can exclude or deport any immigrant … for any reason.

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