Cynthia Kendoll Speech On "No On 88" (Protecting Oregon Driver's Licenses) Now Online—And By The Way, IT WON!
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We published the speech below  by Cynthia Kendoll of Oregonians for Immigration Reform as PROTECT OREGON DRIVER LICENSES’ Cynthia Kendoll On The Long Road To No On 88,

Peter Brimelow introduced it like this:

I was very impressed by this recent presentation to the Social Contract Magazine’s Writers Workshop conference by Oregon’s Cynthia Kendoll on the struggle to block state legislation giving driver’s licenses to illegals. Just as in Montana in 2012, an immigration patriot initiative seems likely to prevail overwhelmingly, while GOP statewide candidates run away—and are defeated.
Now the speech itself is on online, and you can watch it and  be impressed, too.

Another group that was impressed: the voters of Oregon. Ann Coulter wrote after the election:

After Tuesday night, Republicans’ main objective is clear: Convince the “No” vote on Oregon Measure 88 to run for president.

“Vote No Measure 88?  got more votes than anything else on the Oregon ballot. More votes than pot legalization. More than the incumbent governor, the incumbent senator or any of the six other ballot measures. The widely popular, landslide vote on Measure 88 prohibits illegal immigrants from getting drivers licenses.

Remember, when you're watching the speech, that "No on 88" won big. How big? This big:

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