GOP Loses and Immigration Patriots Win In Oregon as Voters Say No on 88
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One sore spot for the Republican Party in a night of victories was the defeat of Oregon Republican Monica Wehby, who mounted a pointless and futile challenge to incumbent Jeff Merkley.  Wehby attempted to run to Merkley's left on feminism, ignored the immigration issue, and had to deal with allegations that she plagiarized her health care plan from Karl Rove.

As you might have guessed, she was positively trounced by Jeff Merkley, 55.1% to 37.8%, with Libertarians taking away about 3% for good measure.

However, of more importance to immigration patriots was Measure 88, the one immigration issue directly on the ballot this November.  Even though the GOP was crushed in the Senate race, "Oregon voters rejected Measure 88, which would have granted driving privileges to Oregon residents who could not or do not want to prove they are legally living in the United States."  [Measure 88, Oregon driver cards, fails, KGW, November 4, 2014]

Incredibly, as Mark Krikorian noted on Twitter,

And according to Jon Feere at the Center for Immigration Studies, Needless to say, leftists have an explanation — the overwhelming majority of the people in the fabled right wing state of Oregon are racist scum.  [Libs cry 'raaacism' after Oregon voters reject driver's licenses for illegal aliens, Twitchy, November 5, 2014]

At least so-called  "racists" know how to win elections.



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