Cruz Picks Fiorina For VP—Will Satisfy Donors, Consultants, But NOT Immigration Patriots. Is He Cashing Out?
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Ted Cruz has just announced Carly Fiorina will be his VP pick. As with Mitt Romney's eerily similar donor-driven selection of Paul Ryan in 2012, it's a clear indication Cruz doesn't intend to campaign in the general election on immigration patriotism—despite his very encouraging evolution on the issue during the primaries. Fiorina a long-time Hispanderer who supported the Gang of Eight Amnesty/ Immigration Surge and the DREAM ACT and opposed closing the Birthright Citizenship loophole. She also hyperventilated on MSM cue about Ben Carson's (very rational) reservations about a Muslim president.

On all the evidence, she is a totally conventional corporate GOP Establishment sell-out (GOTNEWS' Charles C. Johnson, a Cruz backer who has denounced this choice "probably the worst move of his political career," has just posted a video of her "working with Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton" on a diversity rent-seeking shakedown).

It is inconceivable that Fiorina could flip-flop effectively and help Cruz make the case for immigration patriotism, even if she wanted to).

In fact, Fiorina has other drawbacks that are obvious even to the immigration-ignoring MSM. While CEO of Hewlett Packard, she not merely made greedy use of outsourcing and downsizing, as Senator Barbara Boxer pointed out in devastating attack ads during the 2010 California Senate campaign, but she was a disastrous failure.

Needless to say, the MSM in its role as Leftist cheerleader has noticed this: Carly Fiorina for Cruz VP? The former tech CEO would be a disastrous running mate, by Simon Maloy [SALON, April 27, 2016]proffers exactly these points to Democratic opposition researchers.

My guess: Ted Cruz thinks he's lost. He's cashing out pay off campaign debts and, possibly, ingratiate himself with donors and the GOP's consultant class, always clumsily eager to play the Woman Card, for the future.

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