CPAC Management's Objective: No New White American GOP Leaders
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CPAC's chief Al Cardenas "No more Gringos!"

I seem to be having a Twitter week. After Finally I Get Twitter’s Usefulness: To Bash Lindsey Graham last Friday I am greatly enjoying our agent’s coverage of the CPAC annual mulcting of the Faithful. Leave the page open - it is a great way to follow Conferences.

now for the immigration panel — composed entirely of supporters of amnesty. @katiepavlich introducing them and butchering their names

Dr. Whit Ayres gloats that non-Hispanic whites will be a minority. We can do "nothing" about it.

Up now is Dan Garza from LIBRE initiative. Calls the Pilgrims "immigrants."

Garza allows that there are valid concerns about wages and security. How generous of him. Not valid enough to be on #CPAC2013 panel though

Korn asks "Shouldn't immigration policy be based on our economy?" I think should be based on what's best for Americans, but nvm.

Helen Krieble lives in a nation where "jobs are going begging in the streets" and there are no workers. Where is this magic land?

Striking how this panel is really pushed from the top down. And it really is about cheap labor. Citizenship is barely mentioned

Immigration panel makes it clear that #CPAC2013 sees Latinos as cheap labor, and American workers as enemies

Holding this farcical session in the late morning on the opening Thursday – when I know from personal experience many of the Flyovers will not have arrived – is further proof of Conservatism Inc’s determination to dodge the Immigration/National Question issue.

What they are willing to be frank about is the strategy I discussed in GOP Establishment's Jindal Message: No White Men Need Apply: their determination to prevent white founding stock Americans emerging as leaders in the future. As our agent tweeted

Al Cardenas doing interviews in Spanish while Rand Paul was speaking. Things you see at #CPAC

Tim Scott introduced at #CPAC2013 with "Help me applaud diversity." You can't make it up folks

Meanwhile, Rick Perry says "We're the ideology that is blind to color." Except for speakers who are on stage because of their color

And as  Peter Bradley pointed out for us

The 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be held March 14-16 in the Washington D.C. area. Those who cannot attend will miss out on seeing a Who’s Who of Amnesty supporters like Rubio, Paul and Bush along with conservative heavyweights such as Francesca Chambers, Chelsi Henry and T.W. Shannon.

Who? I’ve never heard of the last three either. But they are black—so, of course, they are featured speakers at CPAC.

This attitude is quite blatant-

Immigration is an issue that will be front and center at CPAC. Organizers, led by American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas, say they are determined to elevate the debate and rescue the right from the nativist voices that have dominated Republican politics on the question of who should be an American.

Does Conservative Political Action Conference matter anymore? By Karen Tumulty The Washington Post  March 13 2013

(“Front and center” -  what a joke! Tell Karen Tumulty to do her job)

Maybe Al Cardenas - born in Cuba and brought here as a child - is working off childhood ethnic jealousies, also possible in the Sheldon Adelson case. Or maybe (my preferred theory) this is where the money is.

CPAC is enemy controlled territory

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