Derbyshire On Mandela: Things Don't Change Much, Until They Do
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That's the theme of my column today in Taki's Magazine.

Nelson Mandela is home from the hospital. The guy is 94 years old and not in bad shape—perhaps illustrating the black-white mortality crossover.

Mandela and I go back a long way . . .

Read the whole thing over there.

There is a wee bit of overlap between my theme and the new posting by Mencius Moldbug.

MM is writing about?what else??the decline of our civilization:

Continuing the comparison to the fall of Rome, one of the interesting features we see is that while technological competence is certainly an indicator of a successful civilization, it is also a lagging indicator. Civilization produces technology, not the other way around.  When civilization falls, technology is not the first but the last thing to fall.

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