Illinois Sheriff Gets Religion In Election Year, Now Supports Legalizing Illegal Aliens
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In September 2008, VDARE contributor Brenda Walker had this to say about Lake County (Ill.) Sheriff Mark C. Curran:
You can thank Sheriff Curran for his forthright defense of public safety via email: . . . I did.
Well, Brenda, like the man said, "The times they are a changin."

Curran, who for several years has portrayed himself as being tough on illegal immigration, has joined Lou Dobbs and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) in caving to the demands of the "(illegal) immigrant community."

Nobody knows for sure yet why Dobbs decided to roll over, and we know that Gillibrand did what she had to do to keep her U.S. Senate seat warm. But Curran, a Roman Catholic, says his religion has made him see the light and he now favors legalization because it will allow illegals in his community to become, well, you know, "patriotic American citizens."Law enforcement officials back immigration reforms, By Antonio Olivo,Chicago Tribune, February 24, 2010.

"It's morally the right thing to do," said Curran[email him], who first heard the voice of God last April when Waukegan Mayor Richard Hyde found himself voted out of office because he had the nerve to announce that he wanted to join the feds in enforcing immigration laws in his city whose population is more than half Hispanic.

Memo to this bogus wearer of the badge who has sworn to uphold the law but now sees saving his own political butt as being far more important than the rule of law: I'm also a Roman Catholic, but I fail to see what is "morally right" about giving citizenship to job thieves who think only suckers play by the rules and that our sovereignty is just another word in the dictionary.

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