Could a good policy for Israel suit America too?
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The Kvetcher has opened the week on form with Israel Moves to Protect Jewish Character of State From Immigration. This is an analysis of a story on Law of Return to be revised Nurit Felter 02.23.09 reporting remarks by the Israeli Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit (who is himself an immigrant):

Hundreds of thousands of non-Jews have received Israeli citizenship over the past decade under the Law of Return, which has led Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit and his colleagues to believe the law should either be revised or abolished…

Redefining the Law of Return is not the only problem… In recent days the Interior Ministry presented the members with data of some 1 million illegal immigrants residing in Israel

. The Kvetcher notes

...very disappointingly, Israel is not terribly thrilled about illegal African immigration either.

"The data presented to the committee further showed that some 25,000 African infiltrators live in Israel, with only 600 of them being actual refugees from Darfur… and 46,000 Falash Mura Ethiopians that include many Christians"

and kvetches

Where is Progress By Pesach? Where is the ADL? Where is B’nai Brith? Where is the AJC? Don’t….don’t they care about the stranger? Aren’t they going to demand that these Jews do the right thing, and demand that Israel grant all illegal immigrants a ”path to citizenship”?

I can’t believe these organizations aren’t speaking up!

He concludes with another Sheetrit quote

Sheetrit warned on Sunday, ”If we do not discuss these issues with urgency, in a few years Israel will no longer be the state of the Jews, and I do not want that.”

and comments

What a racist, nativist bastard!

Humor aside, why Jewish outfits like Progress for Pesach want for America policies so radically different from what their co-religionists deem appropriate for Israel is an interesting question. Also why any discussion about preserving the historic character of America triggers such vilification.

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