Correcting the "Correction" about the Mexican Miss Universe's Whiteness
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The current Miss Universe, Mexican Jimena Navarrete, was the subject of one of my VDARE.COM articles last year, entitled Miss Mexico Crowned Miss Universe and Guess What - She's White!.

Well, the other day a letter was published on VDARE.COM "correcting" my article. The letter, written by Erick Fuessner, said that

After reading Allan Wall's article regarding Jimena Navarrete as a white Mexican woman, I must clarify he is absolutely wrong on that. Jimena Navarrete is a "Morena Clara" (I do not know the exact translation in English–maybe Tanned Skin or Suave Skin) but she is clearly non white in Mexico.
However, Fuessner misses the whole point and I wonder if he even read my entire article, which deals with the issue of race in Mexico.

The expression "Morena Clara" is one of various Spanish expressions to describe subtle gradations of skin color.

I'm writing in English and the purpose of the article was not to describe the various expressions for skin gradation in Spanish.

However what I said about the Mexican Miss Universe was right on the money. Here's what I wrote:

If you look at a few photos of the Mexican Miss Universe... it’s obvious that this young lady is white–that is, of predominantly European ancestry. She is actually lighter-skinned than Miss Spain, the Canary Islander Adriana Reveron...
You see, rather than get into subtle, confusing expressions for gradations of skin color, I used the term "white" to mean simply a person of predominantly European ancestry. Jimena Navarrette fits that definition, as do other Mexican beauty queens.

Even Erick Fuessner admits this when he writes

I do agree, however,  the majority of the time in such beauty contest (and similar events) Mexican women contestants are usually white or whitish thanks to Mexico's nasty caste system.
The preponderance of white (Euro-Mexican) beauty queens is yet another evidence of Mexico's racial hierarchy. The higher you go up the Mexican socioeconomic ladder, the whiter the Mexicans are.
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