A Reader Corrects Us On Mexican Beauty Queens—We See It As An Excuse For A Bikini Photo
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Re: Allan Wall's article Miss Mexico Crowned Miss Universe And Guess What—She's White!

From: Erick Fuessner [Email him]

After reading Allan Wall's article regarding Jimena Navarrete as  a white Mexican woman, I must clarify he is absolutely wrong on that. Jimena Navarrete is a "Morena Clara" (I do not know the exact translation in English—maybe Tanned Skin or Suave Skin) but she is clearly non white in Mexico. 

If you want to see a contemporary Mexican beauty señorita who was a finalist (ranked number 2)  in Miss World 2009 and who is a truly white Mexican woman (in the WASP sense) please search for photos of Perla Beltran. Here's a link to a full face photo of her face, and more photos here.

[VDARE.com note: Since the whiteness of Señorita Beltran's skin is the subject of this letter, we thought we'd include a photo showing as much…oh, what the heck, we just like an excuse to include bikini photos.]

Therefore Mr. Wall's statements and his article about how Jimena Navarrete is a white woman are wrong—at least in this particular case.

I do agree, however,  the majority of the time in such beauty contest (and similar events) Mexican women contestants are usually white or whitish thanks to Mexico's nasty caste system.  

James Fulford writes: We may have to take Mr. Fuessner's word for this, since it's one of those subtle distinctions lost on outsiders. Believe it or not, we at VDARE.com are not experts at judging people by the color of their skin, and "Morena Clara" sounds to our Anglo-Saxon ears  like a shade of cigar wrapper.

However, we thank Mr. Fuessner for the information, and what is actually the nicest letter he's sent us. His previous letters include A Mexican Reader Objects To Peter Brimelow's Proposal To Seize "Smuggle Island" and An Angry Mexican-German Reader Attempts To Refight The Texas Revolution.

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