Mitch Daniels Too Sane To Be President
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So, I won't be able to say I had dinner with a Presidential candidate: Indiana governor Mitch Daniels has announced he won't run, citing the opposition of wife and four daughters. Back in 1993, his wife ran off, but then they got remarried in 1997. Plus, there was the drug dealing in college, which didn't get much attention, but would have if he'd run. Kind of a lot of laundry to air in public for your kids if you're a pretty okay guy like Daniels is. In contrast, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was full speed ahead for running for president of France until his recent rape arrest. You gotta have the fire in the belly.

In other gossip, a California legal / political heavyweight told a friend that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver had better reconcile. If not, Arnold's business deals are so complicated to unravel (kind of like the McCourts, the divorcing owners of the L.A. Dodgers), that a divorce would be the equivalent of a California Lawyers Full Employment Act.

I've been following Arnold's bizarre career at least since the mid-1970s, so even when I don't have anything interesting to say about him, I'm still interested.

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