Conor Friedersdorf’s Unintentionally Hilarious Post On Sanders Supporters Preferring Trump To Hillary
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Writing at The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf tells us about Sanders supporter who will vote for Trump because he wants the punish the Democratic Party for not being far enough out to the loony left.

Unintentionally hilarious is the supporter’s email, which begins thusly:

I'm writing to you to articulate some of what has caused me over the last month to gravitate towards Donald Trump, despite despising a lot of what he stands for. I'm white and college educated, but as a consequence of pursuing a career in the arts, as my parents did, I'm currently making only about 600 to 700 dollars a month working various odd jobs to pay rent, feed myself, and keep up as best I can with student loan payments.

I've considered myself a leftist for about as long as I've had any sort of political consciousness. I think this is because class has always been the most [pressing] concern for me. My family has struggled with money for as long as I can remember. Without getting into too much detail, in the last six years alone, my parents have had to deal with foreclosure, bankruptcy, and losing both of their jobs. [A Sanders Supporter Leans Toward Supporting Trump, June 2, 2016]

Has it ever occurred to this brainiac that wiling away the hours “doing art” is probably the reason he and his parents are poor? All stereotypes are true; here we meet the proverbial poor and struggling artist.

Maybe he wouldn’t see things through the lens of class if got a job that made real money and began paying the taxes he thinks aren’t high enough to support him and his parents so they may pursue their artistic endeavors.

After that, Friedersdorf quotes Josh Barro, writing at Business Insider, who is worried about “the risks of a Trump administration:”

For example, he might mismanage the country's finances, needlessly inflame racial tensions, undermine the rule of law, confuse and antagonize our allies, and hurt the economy through erratic policies that punish and reward investors based on his political whims.
Again, unintentionally hilarious. That doesn’t sound like any recent president we know, does it?


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