VDARE.COM Reader Supplies Eye Witness Account Of Anti-Trump Riot (And ABC Corroborates!)
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H/T Photo ABC News

A VDARE.com reader has sent in an eyewitness account of yesterday’s San Jose anti-Trump riot:

My husband and I attended the "Make America Great Again" Trump Rally yesterday in San Jose to show support for the campaign. To our horror, the streets were filled with hostile, intimidating thugs who were out for blood! The police presence was huge but even so, they took a strategy of perimeter enforcement, meaning that if you became isolated or surrounded by a pack of rioters, you were in mortal danger! Fortunately, we made it back to our car safely, but the danger was serious, clear and present! These were NOT protestors.
Things must have been really bad because even an MSM reporter expressed disgust:
I know all too well the hallmarks of a Trump rally, including the ubiquitous protests: Opponents coming out to express their discomfort, usually disgust, at his policies, which they view as divisive, offensive and hateful…

But Thursday evening, in San Jose, California, was the worst of nights. What began as a gathering of young people and labor rights’ groups outside of Trump’s rally here, turned into a raucous, bloody, dangerous affair. The crowd of hundreds became disorderly as a large group broke off with seemingly pernicious intentions; to seek out anyone they suspected of being a Trump supporter and intimidate, harass or even beat them into submission.

going on to cite several specific situations and concluding:

Earlier in the day in San Jose, the crowd of anti-Trump protesters shouted to “Stop the Hate!”

The irony.

Reporter's Notebook: When an Anti-Donald Trump Protest Becomes a Mob By Candace Smith ABC News June 3, 2016 [NB with VIDEO]

In March in Sanders Supporters Repressed Trump’s Chicago Rally: Will MSM Ask Bernie To Repudiate? I observed

America went over a watershed last night. When before in modern history have supporters of one candidate succeeded in preventing the leading candidate of another Party from holding a rally? (Or even tried?)
Unlike after the Chicago atrocity, the Clinton and Sanders campaign offered tepid condemnations (the Clinton-supporting Mayor of San Jose did not get the message).

The Democrats need to do more to rein in their supporters. They are going to have a hard time. We are going to see worse before the election is over.

America is being swamped by imports from cultures where the violent repression of political opponents is the reflexive thing to do.

And they are all Democratic voters.

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