Confirmed—The Biden Regime Parole Amnesty Is A Bait-And-Switch
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The figures are in after a full 30 days after the end of Title 42 expulsions on the border with Mexico. At least the Heritage Foundation has some numbers; officially May numbers have not been released yet. The predictable result was confirmed and the Biden Regime is hiding the increasing illegal immigration across the border with Mexico with a Parole Amnesty. Analysis by the Heritage Foundation, which is increasingly and surprisingly against illegal immigration, has shown that aliens entering the United States without inspection are being replaced at almost a 1 for 1 basis with inadmissible aliens being paroled through the Ports-of-Entry (POE) along the border with Mexico, as well as flown in directly from Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. (HCNV)

The Heritage Foundation has estimated that 90,000 illegal aliens are being released into the United States through Catch-And-Release or parole.

First, an excellent video synopsis.

Encounters with the Border Patrol have averaged 3,400 per day since May 11. Another 1,070 inadmissible aliens presented themselves at a POE each day, using Secretary Mayorkas’ erroneously named “lawful pathway,” and the CBP has expanded daily appointments to 1,250. That is 37,500 inadmissible aliens each month. This number does not include an additional 23,000 supposedly vetted and sponsored Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan nationals who entered in May through a special parole “pathway” that started in January. These two mass-parole port programs add up to 60,500 inadmissible aliens per month. If this number were shifted back to the Border Patrol encounter data on the southwest land border, encounters would be back at, or above, the record 200,000 a month.

[Deceptive Numbers and Word Games Are Hiding Continued Mass Illegal Immigration Post–Title 42, by Simon Hankinson and Lora Ries, Heritage Foundation, June 13, 2023]

Using both POE numbers combined with the illegal entrants the numbers are 5,720 a day, not including the Haitians, Nicaraguans, Cubans, and Venezuelans who obtain parole and fly to the United States, though the CBP One parolees may overlap with those who obtain parole while in their home countries or other nations besides Mexico and fly to the United States. The border parolees numbers are approximately 177,320 a month, not counting those arrested after Entering Without Inspection (EWI) and released. We also do not have the numbers of those who were encountered and removed, with those numbers likely to be half the number of illegal aliens arrested by the Border Patrol, with those mostly being Mexican nationals. Note that many arrestees are deported but then immediately paroled in. So, while these numbers are not conclusive, the overall annual totals will tell the real story of an open border, one way or another.

The article claims only 23,000 HCNVs are entering though the official authorized numbers of those parolees are 30,000 a month, but going with that number, then the total illegal aliens encountered monthly is 200,320. I believe that the Heritage report does not realize that the 1,070 aliens encountered at the POEs are aliens without appointments, who are then paroled without applying for parole using CBP One themselves, but are placed into the CBP One system by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO), which would be distinct from those aliens who use the CBP One app before arriving at the POE as they are told to do, the 1,250 number. Therefore I count these as two separate groups of aliens.

In any event, it is slightly less than the 211,401 total aliens encountered by CBP in April 2023. So, perhaps the Biden Regime can claim a decline of 11,081 illegal aliens in a month, which is insignificant for monthly numbers and would result in an annual number of encounters at 2.4 million for 2023, increasing from 2.3 million for 2022.

Compare the projected 2023 numbers to that to the 2020, the last full year of the Trump Administration enforcement policies, total numbers of 458,088.

What we do know is that the Biden Regime has increased illegal immigration since 2020 and in 2023 has begun replacing illegal aliens who EWI with illegal aliens who are illegally paroled. That is the Biden Regime Parole Amnesty.

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