Border Collapse Being Hidden With An Illegal Parole Amnesty
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Ostensibly, the zerg rush at the border is moderating, with the Biden Regime claiming that “encounters” at the border are down. The truth is that invaders are, with a wave of the hand, being reclassified from Entry Without Inspection (EWI) to parolee. The alien who either entered illegally or who obtained ostensible legality through the CBP One app went from illegal alien to legal alien. (h/t Author WR Flynn)

Even after a Federal Court had ordered an end to using parole [Biden Regime Parole Amnesty Given A Partial Smackdown, by Federale,, May 12, 2023] to replace the service of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Form I-862, Notice To Appear (NTA), the charging document in the immigration court system, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the Biden Regime continues to use parole to flood the nation with illegal aliens.

“The claims that CBP [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] is allowing or encouraging mass release of migrants is just categorically false. That is not what’s occurring, that is not what’s happening,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre said Friday.

On Thursday alone, federal authorities released more than 6,000 migrants using parole, according to court documents.

[EXCLUSIVE: Here’s How Border Agents Decide On Which Migrants Get Released Into The US, Jeannie Taer, The Daily Caller, May 16, 2023]

Todd Bensman, reporting for the Center For Immigration Studies (CIS), reports that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is refusing to provide the numbers of parolees from CBP One, and likely are also failing to report parolees who were arrested and released, rather than properly served with an NTA.

Bensman reports here that despite the promise from the unindicted Jewish-Cuban visa fraudster, Alejandro Mayorkas that there would be consequences for illegal aliens who EWI, there are no consequences. Those invaders continue to be released.

One way the Biden Regime is violating the order from the court to fully process invaders and serve them with an NTA is that the Border Patrol is detaining invaders, but then secretly processing them for parole using a backdoor to the CBP One app, specifically excluding them from being deported using Expedited Removal.

Ben Bergquam, national correspondent of the conservative Real America’s Voice internet television network, told CIS that a confidential Border Patrol source in California told his crew that the agency was apprehending 400 immigrants a day in the San Diego sector. Instead of putting them through Title 8 expedited removal processes, Bergquam said, the agency was channeling them through to the front of the CBP One line, in a basement facility, so that other immigrants cannot see that they got priority treatment. Many recipients of the CBP One appointments have waited for weeks and even months.


Sources: Despite Talk of Tough ‘Consequences’, Biden Is Admitting Illegal Immigrants Just Like Before, by Todd Bensman, CIS, May 19, 2023

As your correspondent predicted, the Biden Regime Parole Amnesty is the vehicle for the ongoing zerg rush to legalize millions of illegal aliens. Besides being a criminal offense, the Biden Regime Parole Amnesty is in violation of an outstanding court order. Will Judge T. Kent Wetherell order visa fraudster Mayorkas and Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz arrested for contempt of court? One can hope so. Joe Biden should also be arrested for this crime.

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