COMMENTARY: In College Self-Segregation, Blacks Are The Real Victims
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Commentary Magazine has an item about segregated black commencements and residential halls, which includes dining halls: the college equivalent of a lunch counter.

The National Association of Scholars has a report that Commentary's  Abe Greenwald is quoting:

“To overcome the shortage of black students who were prepared for elite academic programs,” they write, “universities such as Yale began to admit substantial numbers of under-qualified black students.” They continue: “More than a third of these students dropped out in the first year and those who remained were often embittered by the experience. They turned to each other for support and found inspiration in black nationalism. What emerged by the late sixties were radical and sometimes militant black groups on campus, rejecting the ideal of racial integration and voicing a new separatist ethic.”

Then, the universities themselves got in on the act: “On campus after campus, black separatists won concessions from administrators who were afraid of further alienating blacks,” they write. “The old integrationist ideal has been sacrificed almost entirely. Instead of offering opportunities for students to mix freely with students of dissimilar backgrounds, colleges promote ethnic enclaves, stoke racial resentment, and build organizational structures on the basis of group grievance.”

Segregation Is Thriving on the Left | Going backwards, by Abe Greenwald, May 23, 2019

Of course, this is caused by the confluence of Affirmative Action and anti-white ideology—the belief that these students are victims of white racism.

Greenwald feels that the blacks are the real victims:

The most readily apparent harm from such segregation is that it fosters a sense of insecurity. The members of the segregated group are taught to fear other groups, especially white students. They are encouraged to see themselves as victims or potential victims, and as heirs to past grievances. Training students to see themselves as vulnerable to the transgressions of a larger, intolerant, or bigoted community is poor preparation for life in American society.

It is a fundamental feature of radical movements that they harm most those they claim to be helping. The identitarians and safe-space champions are no exception. They’re steadily institutionalizing a program of segregation that will undermine the education of generations and set the country back decades. [Emphasis added]

Well, no, the blacks aren't the ones this policy harms most, the victims are the white kids. Remember that white kids can't have their own spaces, and the administration will crush them if they try, as in fraternities. Any slight tinge of white activism or protest will also be crushed, or charged as a hate crime.

Meanwhile, these radical black kids get to riot on campus, and then go on to graduate into Affirmative Action, community organizing jobs where they'll have power over whites.

Between 2008 and 2016, two of them were President and First Lady of the United States. They weren't the real victims: we were.

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