Coming Soon Near You: A Present From Libya's Gaddafi - Africans!
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It looks as if Colonel Gaddafi is carrying out his threat to get back into the African-Exporting business, judging from a report earlier today:

(AGI) Lampedusa - Maxi night landings on Lampedusa. Some 842 migrants arrived in two boats. The first carried 187 passengers, among whom there were 19 women and one child. The second vessel transported 655 non-UE migrants, including 82 women and 21 children. All of them are sub-Saharan natives who crossed from Libya
IMMIGRANTS: 842 LAND ON LAMPEDUSA Agenzia Giornalistica Italia 08:42 07 May 2011

Note ” 85% of the arrivals were men, meaning in reality this is an economic migration and not a population fleeing.

” "All of them are sub-Saharan natives who crossed from Libya."
AKA Blacks.

Apparently another boat wandered into Tunisian waters, where it was apprehended. The Tunisians seem to have reverted to the pre-uprising policing role previously also performed by Libya.

Given President Obama’s inclinations and the ambitions of the Refugee Industry, it is just a matter of time before efforts are made to bring some of these people here.

The West violently embroiled with another swathe of Muslims — and getting a flood of utterly alien immigrants as a consequence. Whose agenda is this?

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