Has Galleon's Raj Rajaratnam "Passed For Black"?
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In March, at the start of the Raj Rajaratnam/Galleon Insider Trading trial, I noted that the MSM spin doctors will be busy, seeing that the accused is an immigrant, a man of color, and a huge Democratic donor.

This looks like being proved true. Yesterday in the New York Times Joe Nocera, complaining (quite accurately) that the engineers of the 2008 financial debacle seem to be escaping all consequences, noted of the trial

…inexplicably, the jury remains out after several weeks
You Call That Tough? May 6, 2011

All too probably, this is not inexplicable: Rajaratnam’s defense has played the Race Card. Last month, in a peculiar decision, the Judge allowed them to have Geoffrey Canada testify as a character witness: Famed Harlem Educator Calls Rajaratnam ”Dear Friend’ by Ricardo Kaulessar HedgeFund.net April 14, 2011

Geoffrey Canada is of course the Black Educational entrepreneur/Snake Oil salesman whose alleged achievements in improving the academic performance of minority children in Harlem are from time to time lauded by the MSM - as Steve Sailer has discussed. He is in no way involved in the transactions which gave rise to the trial

Arguably his testimony would be relevant in mitigation of punishment — but the only effect it could possibly have during a trial would be to induce jurors to ignore the facts.

Rajaratnam is a Tamil, the Hindu community partly resident in Sri Lanka. As immigrants, this culture brings its own drawbacks. A hung jury would reveal another: their having the legal privileges accorded here as a practical matter to Blacks. This would be a further tremendous blow to those who constitute the historic American nation

No wonder President Obama likes them

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