CNN's Maria Hinojosa Takes Immigration...To The Classroom? Yikes!
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My dahhhling friend D.A. King will be pleased to know (if he does not already) that his favorite lady (loosely used term) is at it again!

Maria Hinojosa has put together another documentary on immigration for CNN.

From the CNN Press Release:

"Set your VCR to record CNN Presents Classroom Edition: Immigrant Nation, Divided Country when it airs commercial-free on Monday, February 13, 2006, from 4:00-5:00 a.m. on CNN."

Oh's Tivo time for Bryanna.

But did you catch it? This one's for the kiddies—it's a classroom education tool complete with suggested further reading and classroom discussion topics.

This would be great, of course, were it not being taught by an illegal immigration apologist whom I suspect might also be a bona fide communist. (Alright, I'm kidding...sort of.)

Check back in with the BLOG on Monday—I will tune in to the show and give you the highlights!

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