Illegal Immigrant Robs Hollywood Elite
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An illegal alien from Poland, 35 yeard-old Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz, was working as a maid in Hollyweird.

Then she decided to steal a pair of $100,000 earrings (among other things) from—of all people—Robert De Niro...or his wife, actually.

Well, I guess the movie Good Fellas [here] was never released in Warsaw...De Niro? She chose the guy who says "You talkin' to me?" and most men pee in their pants...yeah, that guy. Not Pee Wee Herman...Robert De Niro.

Moving her plea agreement Ms. Wawrynowicz will serve between one and three years in jail after which she will be handed over to immigration authorities.

According to an AP article by Samuel Maull [Maid to the Stars Pleads Guilty] an immigration official filed documents with the court stating that Ms. Wawrynowicz was "not admissible as a resident because she used had fraud to remain in the country."

...and then committed a few felonies while she was here.

Maybe Hollyweird will start to back off their "we need illegal aliens" kick now that they are feeling some of the effects the rest of have felt for years.

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