Immigration In The News
February 08, 2006, 08:05 PM
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Here are some of the top stories in Google`s immigration news:

Immigration: N.C. finds task locals can do, by DAVID LAUDERDALE, Island PacketPebruary 8, 2006.

The job? Enforcing the immigration law. We`ve been encouraging local enforcement for years.

The Amnesty won`t fix immigration woes, By Peter DeFazio, Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard, February 8, 2006.

The Congressman from Oregon`s 4th district explains why he voted for H.R. 4437, and also talks about the non-enforcement of employer sanctions that`s been going on for years. He writes:

I am not convinced there is a labor shortage that requires the importation of 550,000 or more guest workers every year, as envisioned by the immigration reform bill sponsored by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. - which also allows family members to come along, doubling or tripling the number of new arrivals.

We`ve been saying that for years, too. It`s great progress to see a Congressman who can figure the "family reunification" costs of guest workers.

Finally there`s this, from the Washington Post`s Marc Fisher[email him]:

They`re taking our jobs. They`re stealing our slots in colleges. They`re out there on the street corner, scrounging for work, dragging down wages, flouting our laws. Here in Virginia`s capital, you can feel the accelerating drumbeat of accusations: Whatever the social ill, the cause must be those illegal aliens, don`t you know?

Have no fear: Virginia`s lawmakers are once again standing up for real Americans. The Wrong Approach to Illegal Immigration, February 7, 2006;

You know that when the Washington Poste uses the phrase "Real Americans" they`re sneering at mainstream values. But these "real Americans" aren`t "hyper-patriots" or "moral zealots" or, horror of horrors, anti-Communists. They`re real Americans because they`re...real Americans. As compared to the illegal aliens, who are not.