Immigration In The News
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Here are some of the top stories in Google's immigration news:

Immigration: N.C. finds task locals can do, by DAVID LAUDERDALE, Island PacketPebruary 8, 2006.

The job? Enforcing the immigration law. We've been encouraging local enforcement for years.

The Amnesty won't fix immigration woes, By Peter DeFazio, Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard, February 8, 2006.

The Congressman from Oregon's 4th district explains why he voted for H.R. 4437, and also talks about the non-enforcement of employer sanctions that's been going on for years. He writes:

I am not convinced there is a labor shortage that requires the importation of 550,000 or more guest workers every year, as envisioned by the immigration reform bill sponsored by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. - which also allows family members to come along, doubling or tripling the number of new arrivals.

We've been saying that for years, too. It's great progress to see a Congressman who can figure the "family reunification" costs of guest workers.

Finally there's this, from the Washington Post's Marc Fisher[email him]:

They're taking our jobs. They're stealing our slots in colleges. They're out there on the street corner, scrounging for work, dragging down wages, flouting our laws. Here in Virginia's capital, you can feel the accelerating drumbeat of accusations: Whatever the social ill, the cause must be those illegal aliens, don't you know?

Have no fear: Virginia's lawmakers are once again standing up for real Americans. The Wrong Approach to Illegal Immigration, February 7, 2006;

You know that when the Washington Poste uses the phrase "Real Americans" they're sneering at mainstream values. But these "real Americans" aren't "hyper-patriots" or "moral zealots" or, horror of horrors, anti-Communists. They're real Americans because they're...real Americans. As compared to the illegal aliens, who are not.

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