CNN Poll Says 75% Of Americans Approve Arizona's Anti Illegal Immigration Law. Says: Where Is GOP?
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B Cantor

House Leader Cantor and Speaker Boehner: "DO something? US?"

A CNN Poll published today reports

…three-quarters of Americans support the contentious Arizona law that allows police to arrest or detain suspected illegal immigrants during the enforcement of other laws.
Asked if they support the measure, 75% of respondents say they are in favor of it, while 24% say they are against it, the poll shows.

CNN disliked this dramatic fact so much they buried it under the headline CNN Poll: Americans weigh in on health care, immigration June 8th 2012.

CBS News was more straightforward reporting its own survey

Poll: Most Americans think Arizona immigration law is "about right" By Lucy Madison June 7, 2012

However the questions were more artfully structured

52 percent of Americans believe Arizona's immigration policy is about right, while 33 percent say it goes too far. Eleven percent say the law does not go far enough.

In other words 63% supported at least the law (SB1070) - a similar order of magnitude to the CNN survey

The Arizona law is now before the country’s senior legislative branch. Hopefully they heed Polls as closely as they have been alleged to follow election results.

The news, though, glaringly highlights a major political problem: the scandalous refusal of the Republican leadership in the 112th Congress to attempt anything about immigration, despite pre-election posturing.

As the Arizona polls remind us, there is tremendous appetite amongst the Public for effective action on America’s Immigration Disaster. And the Obamacrats have arrogantly and abrasively taken the unpopular side. The political advantages to branding them with that are obvious.

Yet not only has nothing been done on Birthright Citizenship, Official English and E Verify, but the probably impeachment-worthy Administrative Amnesty has gone unchallenged.

Why? Is the GOP leadership just a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Cheap Labor Lobby? Or is there an even more sinister reason for their collusion? Is Bill Kristol really in charge?

As I said discussing E Verify

For Patriots, the 112th Congress has been a disaster: the fruits of the courage of the GOP minority in blocking the Bush Amnesties in the 110th and the Obama ambitions in the 111th have been thrown away and nothing has been gained.

But the E Verify Bill has achieved something.

It has proved that Boehner, Cantor and their minions HAVE TO GO!

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