Classic MSM/Immigration Reporting Atrocity By BLOOMBERG On Swedish Crime
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H/T Pic Bloomberg. NB Non Swedish appearance and notorious location.

On Thursday the Bloomberg News service achieved a new low even given their record of fanatical and anti-national open- borders cheer leading.

Crime Wave Engulfs Sweden as Fraud, Sexual Offenses Reach Record by Niklas Magnusson November 16, 2017 reports

survey by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention showed that 15.6 percent of people suffered one or more offences… against the person…last year. That’s… the highest number recorded since the annual Swedish Crime Survey started in 2006….

The number of victims of sexual offences rose to 1.7 percent in 2015 and to 2.4 percent in 2016 from an average of 0.9 percent between 2005 and 2014.

The 330-word article is well illustrated with a couple of graphs. But NO reason is offered for the change and there is NO MENTION OF IMMIGRATION.

As I noted on Monday in Sweden Now = America + Muslims the fact that crime growth in Sweden is largely driven by the expansion in the immigrant population is widely known. For a more professional treatment of the Swedish National Council’s report see The New Observer’s Sweden: Crime, Record High as 3rd World Population Tops 20%

And it is also well known that the fastest-growing crime segments are the most atrocious:

“Young women aged between 16 and 24 is the group that’s most subject to sexual offences, with 14 percent of young women stating that they were victims of at least one such crime during 2016,” the council said. “Among men in the same age group, 1.2 percent said they had been victims.”
(This last startling fact was discussed by John Derbyshire in Sweden’s Gender-Inclusive Muslim Rapists.)

Why would Bloomberg deliberately report only part of a story? Part of the reason no doubt lies in the ethnic animosities of founder and majority owner Michael Bloomberg: Mayor Bloomberg: Native-Born Americans Lazy And Stupid. Bloomberg News is run to support the Managements’ predilections. I think it is quite possible that some coverage of the immigration dimension was cut out by the editors (especially considering the photograph).

But Bloomberg’s coverage (or more accurately, non-coverage) of immigration is only somewhat worse than the MSM as a whole. One of the great strengths of Ann Coulter’s Adios America is her definitive documentation of this scandal.

Adios America is imperative reading for Patriots.

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