A Talk Radio Listener Is Unimpressed By Bloomberg Propaganda
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Re: James Fulford's post Bloomberg View And “Nativist Fantasies”–Commenters Aren’t Fooled

From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

12-Bloomberg-Radio[1]I just listened to a pro-immigration propaganda discussion led by Tom Keene, a rare white male host on Bloomberg who slavishly promotes open borders. That is the only form of immigration discussion permitted on Bloomberg radio and TV. The Fox slogan is "We report, you decide." On Bloomberg, the model is "Bloomberg decided, you better agree".

The guests included an Indian "expert" and Caitlin Webber, [Twitter] a Bloomberg political reporter. Much of the show was devoted to Keene's blubbering about brilliant foreign techies and his disbelief that any intelligent person could oppose letting them into the country. The actual issue was the prospect for increased H1B visas if Republicans take over the Senate. Citing no sources or examples, the Indian claimed that there is an "extreme" and "huge" shortage of engineers and that many technology specialties are at "full employment".

The Indian said that the problem is that Senator Grassley, who would take over as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee wants visas to go to U.S.-based companies rather than offshore (i.e., Indian) outsourcing companies.

Keene asked what percentage of Republicans agree with Grassley. Ms. Webber surprised him by noting that it wasn't just Republicans. She said that Sen. Schumer agrees with Grassley, and that about 40% of Congress opposes visas for the (Indian) companies. She added that Grassley would make things difficult for the companies by(gasp) holding hearings.

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