Chopra passes - GOP Senators fail.
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Last month, contemplating President ”Desi” Obama’s risky appointments of two young Indians to handle the allocation of huge quantities of tax dollars in the IT sphere I noted that Aneesh Chopra’s chief technology spot needed Senate approval:

Chopra, whose snugly connection with Virginia Democrats turns out - surprise! - to be financial rather than technological (He’s No Technologist, But Moves in Tech Circles By Ellen McCarthy The Washington Post Thursday December 29 2005) has to be confirmed by the Senate.

Will any GOP Senator have the courage to get commitments out of him on Outsourcing and H-1B abuse?

Answer: NO!

Chopra was asked just one question at his confirmation hearing, which was cheered on by Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.). Warner would have demonstrated better taste to have remained silent, given his financial links with the Chopra circle discussed in the Washington Post story above.

Senators focus on FAA, not CTO at hearing Jason Miller Federal News Radio May 20 2009

So huge patronage power is being given to two members of a notoriously self-seeking ethnic minority with no questions asked. The implication for employment of native-born Americans in this crucial sector is obvious. As I said last month:

If in fact these young men have brought traditional Indian attitudes with them will not be known for some years — never, if the sycophantic MSM has anything to do with it. But one thing is clear: by appointing two allies from a culture reeking with amoral familism, and saturated with ethnocentric discrimination, Obama has probably achieved his real objective: no founding-stock white men need apply here.

If Senate Republicans lack the courage to ask questions in defense of their core constituency — white men and their dependents — why should the latter bother to vote?

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