Vivek Kundra Is Back!
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Just a few days after having his office busted into by FBI investigators, Vivek Kundra is back on the job. It took just five days after he took a leave of absence for President Barack Obama to reinstate him. Once again Kundra is in charge of planning our entire national IT infrastructure. Scary thought, huh?

Here is the explanation for reinstating Kundra:

While on leave, Mr. Kundra, who had been highly praised when he was appointed on March 5, thought that his reputation was coming under a cloud, the person familiar with the situation said. So he called Mr. Kaine, who is also chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The governor then called the White House and said that if Mr. Kundra was not reinstated, his reputation would be ruined and the government would miss out on having someone with valuable skills help with its important task of making government operations more transparent.[ An Official Is Reinstated, White House Announces By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE, NYT, March 18, 2009]
According to Virginia governor and DNC chairman Tim Kaine, it was necessary to reinstate Kundra in order to save his reputation. The Democratic oligarchs sure seem to be concerned with the soiled reputation of this 34 year old Indian born bureaucrat. How come?

It's downright comical that Kaine is praising this cronyism as an example of transparent government, because from where I sit it sounds like good old fashioned Chicago style politics mixed with slum dog corruption.

Obama's reinstatement of Kundra seems like a very risky move considering that it's unlikely that this story is coming to an end anytime soon. Kundra's admission of being convicted of petty theft 13 years ago seems like just the "lid of the tandoori" considering the fraud he could potentially be involved in.

Keep in mind that Yusuf Acar reported directly to Kundra, and he is at this time in jail without bail because he is considered a flight risk to Turkey. Acar is accused of bribery and kickback schemes, and who was arrested with more than $4,500 cash inside the pajamas he was wearing when he was arrested. Supposedly Acar was swimming in so much cash he even sent $100,000 to his mother in Turkey.

If Kundra didn't have enough problems on his own, the investigations into the Indian H-1B Sushil Bansal are just starting. Bansal is suspected of being involved in bid rigging with Acar, so the connections to Kundra are complex and will take time for the FBI to sort out.

Why would Obama risk taking a big political hit by reinstating Kundra? Perhaps Obama feels Kundra's mission must be saved regardless of the cost. We all know that Kundra's mission is—to outsource as many U.S. government jobs to India as possible and to bring in H-1Bs to take whatever is left—and of course to get insanely rich while doing it. One thing for sure, there is far more to this story than we have heard so far, and hopefully as the days pass more of the truth will be uncovered.

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