Chirlane McCray: They're Not Making Evita Perons Like They Used to (Or Are They?)
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From the New York Times:

Chirlane McCray Steps Out of de Blasio’s Long Shadow


Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife has raised her profile in New York and beyond, boosting her husband as she mulls her own run for office.

Chirlane McCray suddenly seems to be everywhere. She is in Puerto Rico, checking on mental health efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria. She is sitting beside her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio, at a City Hall news conference to announce the appointment of a new schools chancellor.

Since the start of Mr. de Blasio’s second term in January, Ms. McCray, who once shied from the spotlight, has undertaken a political transformation, raising her visibility and profile — so much so that she is now contemplating running for office. …

Mr. de Blasio has been criticized for craving a role as a national progressive leader, a status that has eluded him as an individual. But as Ms. McCray’s activities come into focus, it appears that the couple are seeking instead to establish a brand as one of the nation’s first families of progressive politics — modeling themselves, consciously or not, after Bill and Hillary Clinton, who took turns, with one holding office while the other exerted influence from the sidelines.
The point of term limits is to keep the same people from ruling on and on. But when politicians evade term limits by running their spouses, well, that’s not sleazy political maneuvering, that’s a Triumph of Diversity!

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