Chicago's `Church Lady` Skips Town, Impotent ICE Shrugs Its Shoulders
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Still sticking to it's "We've got bigger fish to fry" agenda, officials in the Chicago office of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement remain standing around with their thumbs in their ears as Elvira Arellano, the illegal alien ordered deported, has ended her year-long sanctuary in a Chicago church and is on her way to Los Angeles to attend a rally of her fellow anarchists before taking her case to Washington in mid-September, [Activist heads to L.A. rally, by Antonio Olivo, Chicago Tribune, Aug. 18, 2007]

If all goes according to plan, she will be joined in Los Angeles by her son, Saul, 8, a U.S. citizen, who flew ahead with a family friend, said Javier Rodriguez, whose March 25 Coalition is coordinating the planned march through downtown Los Angeles.

Rodriguez called Arellano's decision to provoke federal immigration authorities by appearing publicly "her last fight at the O.K. Corral."

First we heard from Arellano's apologists that she was the new "Rosa Parks"; now she's being put in the same company as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday? Why not just acknowledge that her latest act of defiance is only another verse in the song she's been singing to the feds and the MSM, "I Got Your Deportation Order, Right Here." It's hard to imagine, especially after this convicted felon's announcement only a few days ago that she planned to leave the city to promote her agenda of arrogance and disrespect, that a 24-hour watch wasn't placed on her "sanctuary." If, indeed, this is the case, then ICE's indifference here only further inflames the distrust many Americans have our lame federal government that with each passing day looks more and more like the Keystone Cops . Isn't it time we stopped worrying about how Arellano's would bel "be received by the immigrant community?" Who cares what millions of illegal aliens care? Terry Anderson, the outspoken radio show host in California, says it best: "If we're not careful, we're going to PC ourselves to death." As long as Arellano remains free to wipe her feet on our sovereignty, Americans worthy of the name should make sure their members of Congress hear from them loud and clear that they forbid her and her entourage from setting foot in the halls of Congress, and instead be arrested and immediately deported. Terry is right. To hell with what Arellano's supporters and the rest of the world thinks about sending her back to Mexico. And then we have to starting digging to determine which, if any, of the so-called "immigrant rights" organizations that feed off our tax dollars, used our money to pay for her ticket out of town.

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