Central American Refugees: Lies, Damn Lies, And, Well, Just Damn Lies
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The argument for more immigration and amnesty has always been all lies. There is no justification for massive immigration and amnesty other than the greed of the few and a desire of another few for usurpation of the American nation. The current claim for succor for the Children's Jihad is no different. Take Edilsa Cano for example, she is the poster child for the amnesty for the Central American Camp of the Saints. Her story is all lies.

MSN News/Fort Worth Star Telegram by Diane Smith July 13, 2014

One Woman's Journey To And Across The US Border

FORT WORTH, Texas — Edilsa Cano was fleeing sexual assault, kidnapping and death threats — all from her own family — when she left her village in Guatemala at 16.

Now 21, she sees her own desperation in the tens of thousands of Central American children, some as young as 4, flooding the U.S. border with Mexico. Border authorities are scrambling to shelter the children, and President Barack Obama is looking for ways to deport them faster to cope with what has been called a humanitarian crisis.

Stunning story, her parents, siblings and other relatives were involved in a grand ongoing conspiracy to rape her from the age of 15 up. Pretty shocking.

Just that it is not true. It was a lie that she concocted to obtain asylum in the United States as the alleged victim of a crime in another country.

Quite astonishingly, the reporter contradicts the initial claim quite early into the story.

"I decided to come by myself," Cano said, shifting between Spanish and English as she told the story of her illegal flight from a tortured home life.

After years of physical and mental abuse by relatives, she wanted out.

"The problem is that you are in a situation that you want to escape," Cano said. "I told my father: 'I can't stand it anymore. I want to leave.' "

She took just two pairs of pants and two blouses, along with the clothes she was wearing.

"My father gave me a Bible," Cano said.

Her aunt and uncle advised her to carry a small knife for protection and to guard against dehydration by drinking liquids containing electrolytes.

They collected enough money to pay the coyote's $10,000 fee, and Cano met him in Chiquimulilla, Guatemala, where she got into a car with three older men, also traveling to the United States.

The same people who repeatedly raped her also gave her a copy of the Holy Bible and $10K to get to the United States. That obviously does not make sense. If her family was sexually abusing her, why did they give her $10K and a Bible to leave. One would think that a degenerate family that was repeatedly sexually abusing a 15 year old girl would not give her the means to escape from that abuse.

What it does tell us is that the claims of abuse from Central American Jihadis is just a pack of lies designed to gain asylum, as has been documented before.

And, more importantly, the little tramp had a child out of wedlock here in the United States after her arrival. All courtesy of the American taxpayer. Everything you hear from the Obama Regime is a lie. Remember that.

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