Center For Immigration Studies: Iran-Contra As A Model For Dealing With Lawless Government
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Note: Veterans of the late 20th Conservative Movement may feel that Mr. Fishman’s view of the "Iran-Contra" matter is fundamentally flawed—that Reagan and North were the Good Guys, and the Congressional Democrats were the Bad Guys. This may be true, but (a) there’s a fundamental principle of checks and balances between the branches of government, and (b) if it could be done to the Reagan Administration, it can definitely be done to Biden.

The useless RINOs at the top of the Republican party seem content to do endless investigations of Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden, but they do not have the heart, the intestinal fortitude to actually try to stop them from creating the lawless open border. While I favor impeaching, if you only impeach Mayorkas, then Biden will just take Mayorkas’ resignation and appoint another open borders fanatic in his place. Ideally, Kamala Harris could be impeached too as she is the “Border Czar,” who won’t visit the border and by ignoring the problem makes herself complicit in opening the border.

The RINOs may do something useless like censuring Mayorkas, an utterly meaningless gesture equivalent to a “strongly worded memo.” Mayorkas needs to be removed from office and criminally prosecuted. For all those who favor legal immigration, remember that Mayorkas and family came into the United States legally. That didn’t stop him from hating the Historic American Nation.

Over at the Center for Immigration Studies, Senior Legal Fellow George Fishman has proposed another solution: appoint a special counsel to investigate and prosecute them. Fishman takes the novel approach of looking at the Iran Contra Affair.

From his summary:

  • “The common ingredients of the Iran and Contra policies were secrecy, deception, and disdain for the law. A small group of senior officials believed that they alone knew what was right.”
  • Iran/Contra displayed “a vision of a government operated by persons convinced they have a monopoly on truth.”
  • With regards to Iran/Contra, “What may aptly be called the ‘cabal of the zealots’ was in charge.”
  • “Government officials must observe the law, even when they disagree with it.”
  • “The President must ‘take care’ that the laws be faithfully executed. This is both a moral and legal responsibility.”
  • “There is no place in Government for law breakers.”
  • “When a President ... chooses to skirt the laws or to circumvent them, it is incumbent upon his subordinates to resist, not join in.”
  • “[T]he failure to punish governmental lawbreakers feeds the perception that public officials are not wholly accountable for their actions.”

Rio Grande-Gate, July 17, 2023

Otherwise, I have to say that you could take Iran/Contra out of the above summary and substitute Open Borders and it would read the same.

“…it is incumbent upon his subordinates to resist, not join in.” One of the things that most disgusts me about my former colleagues is that more Border Patrol Agents are not standing up and refusing to carry out unlawful orders. The excuse for cutting barbed wire that Texas DPS put up was supposedly the fear that the illegal aliens would drown going back into the Rio Grande River. If that’s the standard, then why have a border at all? After all, swimming across the border puts one at risk of drowning, so, to keep them from drowning, or we just going to let everyone walk in?

Hopefully, if the RINOs will not impeach, then they will push for a Special Counsel. After all, our corrupt Department of Justice is not going to prosecute their buddies and coconspirators.

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