Can Marco Rubio Read?
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Rubio: "But I'm Hispanic - they said I didn't have to work!"

Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker whose evisceration of the Amnesty/Immigration Bill I praised on Friday has posted a reply, purportedly by Marco Rubio. For reasons that escape me, Hinderaker eschews making a rebuttal.

That does not restrain Mickey Kaus, who has posted Rubio goes Fake Mean at his Daily Caller blog

Rubio: Illegals will pay fines or be deported! Ambassador of Amnesty Marco Rubio argues on Powerline that critics overstate the number of new immigrants who would be added by his legalization bill…

"…many of them won’t be eligible for legalization (because they haven’t been here long enough, don’t pass background checks, can’t afford  the fines, etc.) and will have to be deported."

Kaus instantly sees that this is a fraud:

Really? We’re going to deport a significant chunk of the 11 million–and not just because they’ve arrived since 2011 (the cutoff), but because they don’t scratch together enough money (initially, $1,000) for fines? Would Sen. Schumer and Cecilia Munoz go along with this characterization of the legislation? Answer: no. It’s not going to happen. Rubio–and his “office”–are cementing his new national reputation as a dissembler

(“Dissembler” must be Kaus-speak for “liar”.)

The most interesting aspect of this, though, is that Kaus has picked up that Rubio’s reply is an ungrammatical jumble:

**-[are  you trying to suggest Rubio doesn't know that much about the details of his own bill?-ed  Um ... yes. The Powerline list of "rejoinders" is an odd document—it uses the first person and also says things like "Marco would be fine with breaking up the bill." So if "I' is not "Marco" who wrote it then?]

Rubio’s staff clearly blundered here, sending out an unedited draft (surprisingly easy to do even for blogs!). Presumably Rubio thought it beneath him to actually read what was being sent in his name.

I stand by my website fiasco conclusion.

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