California's Increasing "Diversity"
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The MSM likes to call immigration's demographic tsunami "diversity" but there's nothing diverse about what's happening to California: the population is becoming Mexicanized, as black and white Americans are being replaced by citizens of Mexico.

At worst, the Associated Press finds the results of the latest study to be "challenging" [ California population will grow older, more diverse, report says]

In just 15 years, one in seven Californians will be age 65 or older, the state will add 10 million residents, and Hispanics will account for 43 percent of the population, with whites accounting for about 34 percent.

The white and Hispanic populations are expected to become equal in 2010, when each is projected to account for 39 percent of the population, said Barbara Baran, associate director of the organization and the report's author.

California is poised to become Mexifornia, a balkanized, multilingual third-world region with a rapidly declining standard of living, mirroring its plummeting level of education, largely because of the growing numbers of hispanics and particularly Mexicans.

Mexicans are arguably the least successful nationality ever to immigrate to this country. Even four generations along, Mexicans have not begun to assimilate to American standards of education: just 9.6 percent of fourth-generation Mexican Americans have a post-high-school degree, compared with 45.1 percent of Americans as a whole, a stunning disparity (as analysed by Sam Huntington in his important book "Who Are We?").

Short-term open-border policies aimed at keeping labor costs low are dismantling the strategies that made California, and the nation, spectacularly successful, and all we hear from the MSM is the joy of diversity.

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