Illegal Alien Deported 17 Times Before He A Killed North Carolina Student
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Last Friday, a man in North Carolina was killed by a drunk driver.

(The MSM has ignored this story for reasons which will be obvious in a moment but the local story can be found here.)

We read about these horrible accidents all too often however, this case is uniquely bad for a variety of reasons:

1. The victim was Minn Soon Chang—an 18 year-old freshman at the University of North Carolina

2. The drunk driver had at least 2 previous arrests for drunk driving

3. The drunk driver is an illegal alien from Mexico

Hold on—it gets worse…far worse: He has also been deported 17 times…yes, 17.

Jorge Humberto Hernandez-Soto has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder and if convicted, he faces 20 years in prison.

Gee…that’s great—expensive but great…entirely avoidable but great.

In North Carolina , the average cost of incarceration for a prison inmate is $22,787 per year so this is what I’m thinking:

Should he serve 20 years, the cost to taxpayers will be roughly half a million dollars.

Yeah…you know that whole cost of illegal immigration debate? The one about the exorbitant cost of illegal immigration being off-set by the contributions they make?

In spite of evidence to the contrary, let us suppose that basic math was used to draw that conclusion. Next, let’s exclude from the equation all the incarceration expenses incurred by illegal aliens.

Yeah…we’re still in the red but even so, that is nothing—nothing—compared to the price the Chang family has paid.

The real crime is that this tragedy could have been avoided by simply enforcing our immigration laws and guarding our borders.

If only we could impose twenty years in prison for that infraction!

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