Calderon Returns to U.S. for Third Visit of 2011
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I recently wrote a blog entry about Mexican President Calderon's visit to New York and Washington on May 10th and 11th.

Well, guess what? On May 19th the Presidente was back in the United States. This time he was in Las Vegas, Nevada to promote tourism in Mexico at the World Travel and Tourism Summit . This is Calderon's third visit to the U.S. in calendar year 2011.

While there, Calderon was actually confronted by Mexican immigrants, who complained to him about the violence in Mexico.

Statistically, as I've pointed out before (see Should Americans Visit Mexico?) the odds of an American dying in Mexico are very low. Nevertheless, continued reports of violence in the country have the potential of hurting the country's tourism industry. It didn't happen this past year - tourist visits to Mexico were actually up. But it could occur in the future if the violence isn't brought down.

Tourism in Mexico employs about 2.5 million Mexicans in Mexico, and a healthy Mexican tourism industry ought to be applauded by those of us who think there is too much immigration from Mexico.

Also in Las Vegas, Presidente Calderon met with actor Sylvester Stallone at Planet Hollywood, promoting the filming of movies in Mexico.

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