Calderon Meddles in Congress, While Mexican Senate President, On U.S. Soil, Tells Hispanics to Vote for the Democrats
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Mexican President Calderon has completed his two-day visit to the U.S. and it was a doozy.

Calderon openly attacked Arizona's SB 1070 in a press conference and in an address to the U.S. Congress. This is blatant meddling, an insult to American sovereignty and quite inappropriate behavior for a visiting head of state. Of course, Obama thought it was great since he agrees with Calderon on the matter.

Accompanying Calderon on his visit was Carlos Navarrete, President of the Mexican Senate. Navarrete, on U.S. soil, had no qualms about expressing openly partisan support of the Democratic Party, and appealing directly to U.S. Hispanics. Here are the details from the Mexican media:

From the United States, the president of the Mexican Senate (PRD [Party of the Democratic Revolution]) made a call to the Hispanic community to grant an electoral triumph in November to the Democratic Party to help the White House in the negotiation of a migratory reform.
"I have no problem in expressing that as I see the circumstances in the [U.S.] Congress it would be useful and it would serve Mexico that the migrants give a triumph to the Democrats to increase the majority in the House of Representatives and that would make possible the reform that is required to protect the migrants," commented Navarrete Ruiz in a telephone interview.

Navarrete llama a votar por dem??cratas Elena Michel and Ricardo Gomez, Universal, May 20th, 201

So who are these "migrants" that Navarrete says should vote for the Democrats? Are they (1) Immigrants who are naturalized citizens, (2) Americans of Mexican descent, or (3) Illegal aliens. Or does Navarrete care about such fine distinctions ?

What we have here is open meddling by the Mexican government in U.S. politics, and they are getting bolder. Americans need to know about this, and it needs to be a major issue.

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