Undocumented Quota Beneficiaries
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A reader writes:
My friend's friend really wanted to go to Stanford, but knew as a white male he wouldn't be admitted. So what did he do? [At the time,] they required a picture sent with the application. So my friend's friend sent his application in with a picture of a black guy (the picture was of a male model that came with his wallet), and he didn't check the ethnicity/race box. Thus, technically he didn't lie (intent is another matter). Anyways, he was accepted and upon arriving on campus was inundated with offers to join the Black Student Association for this or that. He was nervous at first, but then after a month or so the offers eventually stopped; I asked about him years later and he had apparently added to Stanford's black graduation rate.
Warning: that reminds me of how the summer before  I went to Rice, I got a letter from the college demanding a snapshot. I assumed that this was just to check up on whether I'd been lying for affirmative action purposes. So, I grabbed the first snapshot I had at hand, which made me look even dorkier than I actually was at 6'4" and 168 pounds, and sent that off. It turns out it wasn't for admissions at all, it was for inclusion in a booklet of all incoming freshmen that coeds in my class would thumb through for the next four years to discuss who was cute and who wasn't. Now that I think about it, I should have sent in a picture of a male model.
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