British Paper Weighs In on Sacramento Bee Scandal
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The Brits have weighed in on the Sacramento Bee/Diana Griego Erwin scandal.

A post by “Gutterwatch” in The Enquirer points out how easy it would have been for editors to nip immigration enthusiast Griego Erwin’s fiction in the bud. All any of her superiors would have had to do is just ask a few simple but pointed questions about her columns.

(“Sacramento Bee Buzzs Around Sacked Hacks Sources,” by Gutterwatch, The Enquirer,June 26th)

Speaking, as Gutterwatch does, about questions, I have one myself.

Is no one at the Bee going to take a fall for Griego Erwin’s multiple deceits that insulted readers and further damaged the MSM’s already shaky credibility?

I nominate Bee Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Rich Rodriguez as the most deserving to get the boot.

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