British Illegal Alien Free to Kill
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Not every illegal alien criminal is from Mexico, and the criminal-enabling sanctuary policies of many major cities don't discriminate against paleface foreigners with evil in their hearts.

No indeed, sanctuary cities provide an equal opportunity license to kill for the diverse scum of the world, as shown by the murder April 2 of Rebecca Griego of Seattle by British illegal alien Jonathan Rowan. Rebecca worked as a researcher at the University of Washington.

Rowan was an ex-boyfriend from hell who stalked and threatened Griego: both she and her sister had sought protection orders from the police. In addition, he had a previously run-in with the law that should have given him a one-way ticket home as a drunk-driving illegal alien.

He was an alcoholic, according to Griego, and police reports say he was arrested last June for drunken driving after ignoring a stop sign and trying to run from police. His blood-alcohol content was measured at more than three times the legal limit. [Months of stalking end with 2 dead at UW, Seattle Times 4/3/07]

What does it take to deport a dangerous criminal illegal alien? Apparently the preventable death of an innocent woman counts for little among the moonbats of Seattle. The city already has a de facto sanctuary policy, but is considering instituting one that goes even further and issues ID cards.

A popular fable among open borders fanatics is that sanctuary policies make illegals feel more comfy in dealing with the police. Even if that fiction were true, the mounting list of dead Americans would make the policy a terrible bargain, to say the least.

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