Bringing "Christmas" Back
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While channel surfing last night, I was heartened to see the headline "Why Stores Are Bringing Christmas Back" on the ten o'clock news. Thalia Patillo at New York's CW11 (WPIX-TV) covered the story: Wal-Mart, Khol's and Macy's are all bringing the word "Christmas" back into their marketing for the Christmas Season.

Why? Not only were stores disturbed by pro-Christmas boycotts last year of stores using only PC terms like "Holidays," but also they think using the proper vocabulary with help get people into the Christmas spirit and out of Scrooge-like cynicism. In a word: money.

There is still one holdout though, as the technology retailer Best Buy will continue using "Holiday" terminology this year. [Write to Best Buy's investor relations here.]

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