RNC to white men: —- off
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So Ken Mehlman steps down.

Mehlman Won't Seek Another Term as Republican Party Chief By Dan Balz W shington Post Staff Writer Friday, November 10, 2006:

Mehlman is leaving his position voluntarily and has not come under any pressure from the White House or state party leaders to vacate his position as a result of Tuesday's elections.

In any normal American business environment, resignation would be an automatic and expected response to the election catastrophe. Disaster is not rewarded.

Those experienced with the Neoconservative tradition, however, might suspect that Mehlman is simply relinquishing a no-longer-profitable relationship. The RNC job now needs work.

One might also suggest that neoconservative purposes have been served.

This suspicion is intensified by the sudden avalanche of stories about Mehlman being homosexual. VDARE.com is not going to bother linking to these, which anyone with the brains to access Google News can find. The allegation has been long known. The issue a political mind will consider is, why now? Could the Bush White House be miffed? Even bitter?

The more important political question is, is the RNC really going have Michael S. Steele, the recently heavily defeated black Republican Senate candidate in Maryland,succeed Mehlman? (RNC asks Steele to replace Mehlman By Ralph Z. Hallow The Washington Times November 10 2006)

Why not a typical Republican voter? Perhaps that would encourage the others.

The reality is that the current Republican leadership refuses to promote the interests of their key supporters: White men of European heritage, and their families.

No doubt they are hostile to the policies this would entail. But if so, what are they doing in the Republican party?

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