Brimelow in WND: Schumer-Rubio To Transfer Half-Trillion Dollars Annually From People To Plutocrats
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They're all like Mark Zuckerberg

My third column for WND has just been posted: Amnesty means more plutocrat plundering, May 21 2013. (My others are here and here).

I'm debunking the Treason Lobby's completely unsubstantiated claims that increasing immigration will spur economic growth (another silly example here). Standard economic analysis suggests that essentially all this hypothetical growth would be captured by the immigrants themselves, in the form of wages. So the benefit to native-born Americans is nugatory.

There's some sign that this point is registering in parts of the MSM. (David Frum, for example, here).

But I don't see anyone taking the next step: standard economic analysis suggests that, while immigration does not increase the incomes of native-born Americans in aggregate, it does have a powerful redistribution effect within the native-born community, by beating down wages.

Currently, immigration transfers an estimated 2-3 percentage points of GDP from labor to the owners of capital. That's maybe $300-$450 billion. The Schumer/ Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge is set to more than double legal immigration. So that might be another half-trillion dollar windfall for Mark Zuckerberg and his posse of plutocrats—at the expense of their fellow-Americans.

No wonder they are willing to spend so much to get it.

WND likes comments. I would take it as a personal favor if readers weighed in.

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