London: Muslims Now Slaughter Openly
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On Wednesday a young British soldier was murdered in broad daylight on a London street in an act of jihad. The bloody-handed killer was anxious to brag about it (in British-sounding English), as shown in the video below:

The black man holding a bloody knife and cleaver apologized to women present for perpetrating such a horrific act, but in “our lands” women have to see such carnage all the time because of western governments, he said. “We swear by almighty Allah that we will never stop fighting you,” he declared.

The ITV reporter called the act “Baghdad-style violence.”

Actually, it is Muslim-style violence, which has come to Britain and elsewhere in the West because of diverse immigration that stupidly welcomes a historic enemy of 1400 years standing.

Shouldn’t America stop Muslim immigration before it’s too late?

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